Your career with Heytesbury Pastoral

If you enjoy outdoor physical activities, working with livestock, developing superior horsemanship skills and/or participating in all aspects of property and equipment maintenance and upkeep, then you should consider a career with us.

Station Positions

A range of seasonal and permanent positions are available, the videos below offer a preview of key station jobs. Seasonal station hands are required for the mustering season, which runs from March to November. We suggest applying by the November prior.


Life at the stations

The rural industry stands alone when it comes to encouraging a sense of community amongst its members and provides many rewards. It’s more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.

The season starts in March and goes through to December. Mustering on the stations is done with helicopter and on horseback, and the cattle are walked steadily to the yards.

First round of mustering runs March to May and second round runs September to November. Breeders are mustered, calves vaccinated, branded, tagged and larger calves are weaned. Sale cattle are also processed during this period.

During the season there is also a significant focus on repairs and maintenance of equipment, fence lines, yards and water resources.

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A balance between work and play is encouraged, providing an attractive lifestyle at our stations. There are numerous social events staff are encouraged to attend throughout the year such as the annual Bull’s Head Muster, campdrafts, shows and BBQs with neighbouring properties. Horses play a big part at Heytesbury Pastoral and many members of the team enjoy riding both for work and recreation. We attend local campdrafts and encourage all staff to become involved. Hunting, fishing, exploring, beautiful rivers and breathtaking scenery are some of the natural attractions.

Career Development

Everyone is encouraged to participate in a variety of training programs offered, many of which can be completed on-property whilst working full-time. Practical training covering all aspects of station work is provided by in the following areas:

  • Cattle husbandry, mustering and drafting
  • Horsemanship and basic farrier skills
  • Fence, yard and watering point maintenance
  • Operation of plant and equipment

The annual Bull’s Head Muster is held mid-year at Victoria River Downs Station and gives the opportunity for all company staff to come together and meet for a day of training and friendly inter-station rivalry.


A highlight of the calendar year at Heytesbury Pastoral is the annual Bull’s Head Muster, a mid-season gathering for the crew of all of our stations. It’s a day to learn new skills with some healthy inter-station rivalry, and a lot of new friendships made. Discover albums from our previous Bulls Head events via Facebook.

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