Pigeon Hole Station

Pigeon Hole was originally an outstation of our Victoria River Downs Station, and although it is still under the same pastoral lease as Victoria River Downs, it is run as a stand-alone station these days.  
The original homestead was located on the banks of the Victoria River, alongside the Pigeon Hole (Niujputtu) Indigenous Community, however, following major flooding in 2000 the station complex was relocated to higher ground.

Station Managers
Cameron & Alex Latter

Cameron and Alex, along with their young daughter, joined the Heytesbury Pastoral team in March 2023, and within a few short months of their arrival they also welcomed a son to the family.
They joined the team with plenty of experience working throughout the northern cattle industry, both having worked in the NT and QLD at various stations, in a variety of roles.  Having come from an overseer role, they were ready to transition into management. 
Both originate from NSW where they had grown up around farms and cattle.
“We have always admired Heytesbury Pastoral as a company and were extremely grateful to have the opportunity to join such a wonderful team that promotes a strong community and family atmosphere.” 
Station Managers Pigeon Hole